Ordering a Phone Holder made special for your phone

This is what we need to know : (All in mm)


Height of the phone. (If you have a cover then calculated it with it if you want to keep it in that !)

Width of the phone. -

This is the space between the holders of the phone holder. Make it always 4 mm more so it will not be to tight)

Depth of the phone. -

Used by the bottom support holding the phone, and the side tabs depth as well. Should be at least your material thickness for assembly reasons.

angle at which the phone stands, in degrees. 0° is vertical. -

(In example it is 25 degrees. 0°)

Height of the support below the phone -

This is the part where your cable is going. I would do the stecker lengte plus 5 mm)

Length of the tabs holding the phone -

This are the 2 parts that are on the side of the phone. Do NOT make them to long otherwise you can not touch your on off or volume buttons etc. In Example the total is from bottom 105 mm and the bottom stecker is 30, so the length is 75 mm in example)

Spacing between the two bottom support. -

(Choose a value big enough for the charging cable, without getting in the way of other ports.)

Sizes of example in picture :

Exact in mm.

phone_height 152 mm
phone_depth 11 mm
phone_width 76 mm
Angle 25 degrees. (0 is vertical!)
bottom_margin 30 mm
tab_size 76 mm
bottom_support_spacing 16 mm

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